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Uploading Artwork By Artist


After setting up Artist profile and creating a blockchain account, Artists can post their artwork on the RtistiQ platform. Note that once the artworks are submitted, it will go through an approval by our Curators to ensure correctness of details before the artwork becomes visible on our platform.

Here are the steps to follow for submitting your artwork -

Step 1 – After you signup and login into the RtistiQ platform to be directed to your dashboard view for an easy access to all the features. Click on "Add Artwork" under "Manage Inventory block.

Add Artwork

Step 2 – You will see a new popup window where you can choose -

Add Product - To add individual works of art
Bulk Product - To do bulk upload of multiple artworks by uploading a collection of artworks in a .csv file

Single or Bulk

Step 3 – Click on "Add Product" to be taken to add individual artwork details

It is advisable to describe your artwork accurately and be representative of the way you would like your artwork to be viewed by buyers, collectors and people that like your artwork.

Tags are a good way to make your artwork appear in different search criteria on our platform.

Follow the tabs to complete the Artwork details as required.

Step 4General Info covers the key identification attributes about your artwork. These information would be added to the tamper-proof blockchain registry as well as the digtal certificate of Authenticity. Please take care on setting the right dimensions for your artwork. Click on "save and continue" to go to the next tab.

General Info

For Materials & Techniques, you may select from the suggested drop down or add your own if there are no options to select. For Mixed Media, select Mixed Media and add additional mediums used to create your work as multiple items as per below screen shot

Artwork Medium

Step 5Artistic Details Use this section to provide further Artistic details about your work

Artistic Details

Add Keywords by typing the word and pressing enter. They assist in better search results on the platform, so please select to add more attributes for your artworks

Step 6Pricing is the section where you set the Artwork price. Please include all the costs, including RtistiQ commission and excluding Shipping and taxation costs, which will be made available on real-time for the buyers transparently.


If you choose to Hide the price, the buyer will have to either request to know price or quote a price at which he/she may want to acquire the work. It is recommended to transparently display your price for a quicker conversion of sale given that it takes time for responding to price requests made.

Step 7 – Under Logistics you may provide the packaging details including type and estimated size as well as weight of packaging

Logistics details

Click on Save and continue to complete entry of Artwork information. It allows to return back to the artwork at any point in time to add additional details or attach artwork image at a later time.

Step 8 – Upload images of your artwork and any room view photos you may have. Add one of the images with full view and clarity as Display image. If there are any additional images use the "Add Image" section to add different views or angles or perspectives. Click on "Save and Proceed" button.

In case the network bandwidth is not supporting the upload of high resolution images, you may skip this step and come back by clicking "Edit Artwork" under Inventory listing.

Upload Image

It is recommended to take a high resolution image to provide a better view of your artwork. You may refer to our recommended approach to take a good picture of your work using your Mobile Camera Using Mobile Camera for Art Imagery

Step 9Digital Authentication Signing is the last section of uploading of artwork to digitally sign and __authenticate your creativity__. Before you proceed with this step, ensure to have your Blockchain key handy as this step will need you to either type in the blockchain key or use your securely saved blockchain key to attach the unique address location of your artwork to the public key of your blockchain account.

Select Blockchain Account Name from the dropdown and either manually enter the Blockchain Private Key or use "Upload key store file" to upload your private blockchain key. Finally click on the "Add Artwork" button to submit your artwork for Admin review. This step would normally take a bit longer to finish as the artwork is saved and the public key of the blockchain is amended with your artwork information.

Digital Authentication

In Step 9, if the blockchain signing was skipped; you may sign the artwork at any point in time by going to "My Dashboard" under Blockchain block click on Signature Pending Artworks. You can hover on the Artwork listed to get a signing icon. Click on the icon to get a new window to select your blockchain account to sign the artwork.

Step 10 - If you have opted for NFC tagging your artworks, please refer to the help document for sticking the NFC tags and scanning the same using your mobile phone to create the Digital link. NFC tags act as an additional layer of security for your artworks while it takes it journey in the collectors world, and they are tamper proof in nature to provide a very secure authenticity option for your works. You may alternatively choose to skip NFC tagging in the next screen after digital Authentication

NFC Tagging your artwork (use RtistiQ mobile app)

Updated on: 22/05/2021

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