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Using Mobile Camera for Art Imagery

How to Digitize Your Art using Mobile

You can either use a scanner or take a picture of your artworks. Keep in mind that a buyer is solely relying on the images you are providing since they are not able to experience your art in person. Taking good pictures of your artworks will enable the buyer to appreciate your artworks. At RtistiQ we accept images up to 30MB (we recommend up to 10MB for faster response) and at least 1920x1080 pixels, JPEG/JPG/PNG files.

A Full HD has an image pixel count that equates to only 2MP and for 4K display it bumps to 8MP. Just about every phone that isn't pure budget handset is likely to shoot 8MP - iPhone6 & above / Samsung Galaxy S2 & above. So you are usually good with the Mobile Phone rear camera to take a nicely shot high resolution image.

Below are some of the photographing tips when using your mobile phone:

Use natural light/day light (most smartphones are handling natural light much better than artificial light).
Don’t stand in between the light source and the subject, in order to avoid casting shadows.
Avoid a direct light for the same reason as above.
If you notice colour gradients in your pictures (the part of the artwork closest to the light source might be lighter than the rest), than use a simple piece of white paper to bounce off the light on the darker part of your artwork. You might need a second pair of hands for this operation.
Hold your phone parallel to your artwork in order to avoid distortion.
Be extra careful with the framing. Move your phone slowly until the sides of your canvas are parallel with the edge of the screen. Leave as little as possible space around your canvas, this will help achieve the best resolution.
When you get the best image on the screen, just tap it, this will help with exposure and the sharpness of your image.
Hold the phone still. If you plan to upload many artworks it might be worth purchasing a tripod.
Ovoid zooming in too much as phones support digital zooming, which reduces the resolution of the image.
Take the picture.

You can do some basic editing on your phone. If the image is not straight, you can slightly rotate it and you can crop the edges.

You may refer these external links as a good reference to taking images using your Mobile Phones

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Job done! You are now ready to upload your artworks.

Updated on: 04/07/2022

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