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NFC Tagging your artwork (use RtistiQ mobile app)

NFC Tagging your artwork (use RtistiQ mobile app)

Prerequisites: – Download and install the RtistiQ app* from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You need a NFC compatible phone. (* for Android 4.0.0 / iOS 13 and above). Make sure your NFC chip is turned on before you start (Android).

Step 1: – Open the app and login using your e-mail and password.

Step 2: – Click on “More” in the bottom right corner and tap on your name to access “My Profile”.

Step 3: – Select “Inventory View”

Step 4: – Click on “Link to NFC Tag”

Step 5: – Click on “Write Art detail to NFC”

Step 6: – Scan NFC tag with your Mobile phone. (Middle of phone – Android, Top of phone – iOS)

Step 7: – Scan NFC tag once more to lock the NFC tag.

Step 8: – Stick NFC tag to the back of the Artwork and follow the steps that are given in the picture below. Click on “Take photo” to take a photo. Then click on “Upload Image” after taking a good photo.

Step 9: – After successfully uploading, you would receive a notification “NFC tagged successfully”.

And you're done !!

Updated on: 25/04/2021

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