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Registering as an Artist

Registering as an Artist

Artist registration on RtistiQ goes through review by our Curatorial Team, only successful requests are allowed to continue

Prerequisites - To register on our RtistiQ website you would need to provide your full name as registered in your National Identification Card(Like NRIC, Aadhar Card, Green Card etc.) or in your Passport. You need a (digital) copy of your ID and proof of address so RtistiQ can identify you as an artist (seller).

Step 1 – From the RtistiQ landing page click on the Register icon on the top right corner.

Homepage - Login/Register

The link will forward to a new page also accessible through this link Register

Register as Artist

Step 2 – Select the Role as "ARTIST" and complete the Registration form.
You can register using your e-mail ID (Activation pin will be sent to confirm your mail-id)


You can also use your Social Login such as Google, Facebook or Apple You can skip to step 5 if using your social login option.


You can register using MetaMask wallet, if you already have one to register an account on RtistiQ.

Step 3 – Fill in the details as indicated in the Account details section, Read and agree to Terms of use and Privacy Policy of RtistiQ and verify that you are not a robot by answering the reCAPTCHA and click on the “NEXT” button.

Once you click next you will be taken to a new screen to enter your OTP (one time password) that has been sent to your e-mail address. This step is mandatory to validate your email address and avoid anyone else to use your email credentials to register on the platform.

OTP Screen

Step 4 – Sometimes the e-mail might go to your spam folder, please move the e-mail back to your inbox by selecting "not spam" to continue with the registration. The email ID is used for sending all system notifications, please add it to "safe senders" list to avoid missing out the emails in the future.

Enter in your OTP and then click verify OTP.

The OTP expires after sometime, so you may need to click "resend OTP" if you hit a timeout

Step 5 – Select your User role as "Artist" to register as an Artist and click next. If you cancel or close the browser at this moment you will register as a regular user to the platform.

Select Role

Step 6 - Read and Acknowledge the Sellers agreement, which details all the terms and commissions for the sale of artwork through RtistiQ Platform or Partner facilities

Sellers Agreement

Step 8 - You will be taken to a new window to upload your identity documents (upload a copy of your ID and proof of address so we can identify you as a seller.). As an online marketplace we are required to validate the sellers identity and hence the requirement for these documents. They are are stored in an encrypted format and in a secure storage. Please reach out to our artist liason team / curators at, if you would need more details.


Step 9 – You would be redirected to an editable profile page to provide more details about your artistic career. Creating a detailed profile gives the collectors a better perspective about your art. history and pricing offering a better chances of closing a sale. You may provide a basic profile details and exit to come back later at any point in time to fill rest of the details.

Artist Profile

You may refer to the following link to know more about creating your artist profile Completing Artist Profile

Step 10 - You can Save & Exit at any point in time to be redirected to your Artist Dashboard, from where you can come back to fill the required information at any point in time. Your future logins on the platform will be directed to the Artist Dashboard, where were you can complete your profile, upload artworks, manage your inventory, quotes and orders.

Artist Dashboard

You are now set to Add new artwork, which is detailed in the following help document Uploading Artwork By Artist

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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