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Create a collection

Creating a Series or Collection

The platform allows to display your works as a collection of themes or series of works to provide collectors a better understanding of your work styles.

To create a collection, from your user dashboard go to "Manage Inventory" and choose Add Collection, as highlighted below in the screen shot

Add Collection

Provide a name and description to the collection, and upload a master image for the collection to be viewed on the platform

Collection Details

You can then browse through the available works of yours on the platform, and select the works to be part of the collection by clicking on each Artwork. You can remove from the collection by clicking on the artwork image again to remove the check, which confirms if the work is part of the collection

Select Artworks

Click on "Add to Collection" button after all the Artworks are selected to be part of the collection

To view the collection or edit the details at any point in time, you need to select "View Collection" under Manage Inventory to see all the created Collections.

You can hover your mouse on the collection to get the option to either edit or delete the collection created.

You may also click on the "Add Collection" button to create new collections, from the view here instead of going back to the Dashboard.

Finally to go back to the Dashboard, you can either click on the navigation pane or click on your profile on the top right corner to get a drop down to select "My Dashboard"

Updated on: 11/07/2021

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