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Troubleshooting when uploading your artworks

Troubleshooting when uploading your artwork

I can't see my artworks after uploading?

Step 1 Go to "My Dashboard" and under Blockchain section select "Signature Pending Artworks" where you will find the artworks that you have uploaded, and not digitally authenticated using your blockchain account

Step 2 Click on "Signature Pending Artworks" hover over the picture as shown below and you will see a small pen icon click on it

Step 3 After you click on the pen icon a pop up window appears for you to sign your artwork by uploading your blockchain key as shown in the image below
and then click "Verify"

How to check which artworks are NFC pending?

Step 1 After signing in go to "My Dashboard" and select "View Inventory" to see the status of all your artworks.

Step 2 The artworks where the status shows "NFC pending" please follow this link to complete the steps

NFC Tagging your artwork

Updated on: 22/05/2021

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