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To accept/reject a quotation made by a buyer/collector

Buyers in RtistiQ have an option to "Offer a price" different to the artwork price displayed. Usually Buyers in some locations try to negotiate for a much lower price, and it is general accepted practice to offer a discount of 5 - 10%. We discourage artists as well as buyers to offer much lower discounts as it sets a precedence to expect huge discounts all the time.

Once a buyer place an offer for the artwork, you would get an email notification with respect to the offered price. The article describes further on how you can "accept / reject" the offer made by the buyer.

To accept or reject the offered price by a buyer/collector please follow the below steps:

1) Login to your account in RtistiQ and you will be taken to Artist Dashboard. Under Quotes & Orders click on Manage Quotes****

2) On the right side you will have the option to either APPROVE or REJECT the quote from the buyer/collector as per the image below

Approve or Reject Quote

Once the offer is accepted, the buyer gets revised price displayed for the particular work to complete the purchase. We keep regular contact with the Buyer as well as you to provide regular assistance in the process as well as if need to negotiate through a different price than the one offered and until either the order is processed through or the buyer / artist do not approve for the transaction further.

Currently we do not have the option enabled for counter offer price for the Artists, but it will be something we would be adding to the platform to provide artists with all the required tools to complete a successful sale for his / her artwork on the platform. Some common reasons for buyers to offer a different price to the one set for the artwork are as below

Like the artwork a lot but do not have the required budget to complete the transaction
Due to religious beliefs or following of numerology for a specifc transaction amount
Feel the artwork being over priced
Want to just negotiate a different price as a habit. This is something we try discourage a lot for the buyers.

Updated on: 29/05/2021

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