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Managing your Artworks

Manage and promote your creations with different options

As part of seller profile you can view your Artworks listed in the platform under Inventory Listing. Inventory management under the Dashboard view is the starting point for managing your artworks in RtistiQ. New features will be constantly added to manage your Art Selling experience.

Inventory Management

You are allowed to

View Inventory
Add Artwork
Create a Collection
View Collections

Inventory View: Presents a detailed view of the artworks and allows to perform actions allowed at different stage of the artwork in the platform.

Editing Artwork details
At the moment you may edit the artwork details while they are in draft mode and yet to be sent for approval. Once approved and enabled for Sale the Artwork details cannot be edited, and needs to be raised to the Admin. You may write to our Art Curatorial team at RtistiQ for any details to be changed at

Marking Artworks as Sold
If the artwork is sold outside the platform, you may mark the artwork as "Sold" under the Inventory view. You refer to the below article to refer to the steps involved

Artworks sold outside RtistiQ

Share your Artwork through Social Media
We have made it easy to share your Artwork and related details to the common Social Media and chat network. All you need to do is to go to your specific Artwork and click on share button on the right-side panel of the Artwork, and choose the channel to share the artwork.

Its a good practice to share your artworks through different social channels to gain more traction through your network. In due course we would be also providing option to measure impact across social channels (based on permission) as well as make it a one-click process to push across all interested channels. The Artist Liaison team will also be working with you closely to promote your creation through RtistiQ initiated channels to serve a wider audience other than direct connects.

Create Artwork Collections

Adding collections is another way to present your Artworks in the platform, to gain regular views of your creations other than through searches, offers, promotions and recommendations to collectors in the platform. Under "My Dashboard" click on Add Collections, and you would be offered another window to create a collection

Provide a name, description to your collection and choose the artworks created and owned by you, which will be listed below to create your collection. If there are many artworks to choose from, you may use the search option to find the artwork to be part of the collection.

In due course we would be adding more features but not limited to the below
Create or Add Article links for content written by you or about you
Promote events and Exhibitions
Upload videos and Studio views
Manage your social Media accounts to publish and review Interactions

Updated on: 29/05/2021

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