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Artworks sold outside RtistiQ

Artworks sold outside RtistiQ


We strongly reccomend to sell your artwork through our platform to maintain authentification, and tracking of your artwork.
Please be aware that the Blockchain of your artwork won't be updated anymore!
You also cannot track your work to it's current/future owner...

When you do sell your artwork outside RtistiQ you have to take the following steps within 12 hours after making your sale outside of RtistiQ (as mentioned in the seller's agreement).


Login to your profile in RtistiQ and go to your Dashboard view

Artist Dashboard

Step 2:

Select "View Inventory" under Manage Inventory

Select View Inventory

Step 3:

Click on the 3 dots in the last column (action) corresponding to the artwork that has been sold outside RtistiQ and click "Mark as sold" as shown below.

Mark Sold

Step 4:
If you are sure, click "Confirm"

Confirm Sold

Step 5:
Your inventory view updates automatically with the new status for the Artwork.

At RtistiQ we never take down the Artwork uploaded by the artists, and forms a permanent record of creativity. Sold Artworks are displayed under Sold Tab in the Artist Profile for collectors to still have a full view of the Artist Portfolio.

Updated on: 29/05/2021

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