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Why Blockchain?

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is often mentioned when it comes to cryptocurrency, but there is so much more to it.
It is used in the industry to manage processes and to secure and store data in the best way possible.

RtistiQ is about art and passion.
Art because it touches you. Art can also be an investment.
It is important to authenticate your art.
Authentification provides information about the artwork, the artist and the story behind it.

Normally you will receive a certificate of authenticity and when something happens to that you may have a big problem.
But what if that certificate is digitalized and shared with the whole world on multiple computers at the same time?
Forgery becomes impossible!

Blockchaintechnology offers the certifcate of authenticity of the future in the most secure way possible.
After creating an artwork the artist will create the Blockchain for it using his unique key.

The blockchain contains higly encrypted data (details and high resolution image) about the artwork and that information is shared on the Net.

And it doesn't stop there..

As a buyer / collector from RtistiQ you will have your own blockchain key.
When you buy from RtistiQ your (encrypted) identity will be linked to the artwork (blockchain) you bought.

Blockchain will serve to authenticate art, track and validate ownership in the most secure way possible.

You and RtistiQ are now ready for the future!

Short visual tutorial about Blockchaintechnology:

Updated on: 05/03/2021

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