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What can you do with the blockchain account

On the RtistiQ platform the blockchain account is to register artwork authenticity and confirm ownership. Every artwork on the RtistiQ platform is tokenized as an NFT to mark its authentity by the creator. As the physical artwork is traded on the platform the NFT transfer of ownership is also recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain Ledger, acting as a digital tamper proof Certificate of Authenticity.

As a user you would require to create the blockchain account under your profile settings and safe keep the private key generated for performing any transaction.

The blockchain account and the private key would be needed to sign any transactions on the RtistiQ platform. The public address shown above would be referenced for showing the current ownership as well as the holding of asset in the public ledger.

The transactions recorded through the blockchain would include but not limited to the below

Add any new Artwork created through Artist profile
Confirm ownership of any Artwork added by a Gallery to be created by an Artist
Transfer of ownership to a buyer of the Artwork
Commission Art from an artist using Gallery profile
Authenticate any Artworks added by a Collector for a sale performed outside the platform.
Buy artwork and initiate ownership transfer for artwork purchased

During any of the transactions above you would be prompted to reference the Blockchain Account tagged / to-be tagged for the Artwork and to upload or enter in the private key created for the account.

Your private key is the only link to access your Blockchain account to perform transactions and it cannot be recreated once lost.

Updated on: 23/05/2021

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