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Viewing an Artwork

Viewing an Artwork

There are multiple ways to view an Artwork on the platform depending on either Genre, category, medium of artwork and even by searching on Artist name. One need not have to login or even register to the platform to view artwork however to purchase an artwork registration and logging into the platform is necessary.

Viewing from Artworks menu – Locate "Artworks" from top menu and hover near the menu, a drop-down window will automatically appear with different categories like Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Sculpture and each of these categories are further divided based on sub categories like Abstract Paintings, Contemporary Paintings, Modern paintings etc. Select one of these categories or sub category to filter down to the list of your choice.

Users can narrow their search further by choosing multiple values from the drop-down like filter by Artist, Price, Style, Packaging, Framed, Size & Orientation.

Viewing full details of an artwork – Click on any of the artwork to view full details of the artwork. In this page one can view the price of the artwork, dimension of the artwork, medium, materials used and the year of creation.

Viewing Certificate of Authenticity – Click on "Certificate of Authenticity" icon to view the art details like the Medium, Dimension, whether the art work is limited edition and edition number, Creation Date, Block Number, Transaction Hash and the Current Owner of the artwork.

Transaction Hash code is like a digital key and is unique to the artwork. Along with other details the key also stores the unique URL to this artwork on RtistiQ platform. Current Owner refers to the public key of the person or the gallery who owns this art. When an Artwork is sold on the RtistiQ platform the ownership changes from Artist or a Gallery who is currently owning the artwork to the Art buyer. This transaction is also stored in Blockchain so that one can see the provenance of the artwork.

If the artwork that is featured on RtistiQ platform is sold outside i.e. by an Artist or Gallery through direct sales, RtistiQ encourages the art buyer to register on our platform and register the art sale so that the change of hands to the new owner is registered in Blockchain. This will only help the art buyer to have it registered on RtistiQ platform so that in future if the art buyer or collector decides to sell the artwork in secondary market the full history of art deals are digitally recorded.

Users can also get an In Room view of the artwork to visualize how an artwork would look when hung on a wall. There are multiple options available in In Room view like a view of living room, office space, a study room or a bedroom. This would give users an perspective of how this artwork would appear when hung on a wall.

Additional details such as Style, Technique, Packaging, Framed and Size of the artwork is available by scrolling down on the Artwork details page. There is a link to Artist profile in the lower half of the Artwork page and also a link to other creations by this artist.

Digital security is at the heart of RtistiQ's platform and the user can view provenance and RFID details in the "Chain of Ownership" tab. Comments from other users on the platform can be seen in the "Comments" section.

Viewing artwork from Artist's Profile – The second way of viewing artwork is by browsing into Artist's page first and discovering the artworks that they have submitted in RtistiQ's platform. If you are looking for artworks of a particular Artist, this would be a better way to narrow down to only viewing artworks of that Artist. To view artwork from Artist's profile first select on "Artists" from top menu and either click on "All" to view artworks of all registered artists on the platform otherwise select on their Style, Technique and if they are Emerging Artists or Featured Artists on the platform.

When you click on an Artist profile besides showing Artist statement, brief description and other details it will also show the artworks that are created by this Artist and showcased in platform. A user can click on artworks from here to view full details of the artwork.

Viewing artwork from Gallery Profile – The third way of viewing artwork is by browsing into Gallery page and discovering artworks that a gallery is representing in RtistiQ's platform. Click on "Galleries" from top menu and select a Gallery that you are interested in viewing. This will take you to the Gallery profile page where a user can read through a brief information about the gallery and can view the list of artists this gallery is representing and the artwork that this gallery has posted on RtistiQ's platform.

Updated on: 23/11/2020

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