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Discovering Artworks on RtistiQ

Discovering Artworks
There are multiple ways to search and view Artworks on platform depending on either Genre, category, medium of artwork and even by searching on Artist name. One need not have to login or even register to the platform to browse through the collection artwork however to purchase an artwork registration and logging into the platform is necessary.

Discovering Artworks from search menu – A user can search artworks based on some of the key words like Genre, Artist Name, Gallery Name, Category or Sub category names. RtistiQ uses tagging and smart filters to quickly arrive at the desired artworks a user is interested.

Global Search

Discovering Artworks from Artworks Navigation menu – Use the Navigation Menu on the top of the page, which lists the trending categories of Artworks by Medium and Style of creation. You would be further taken to an artworks listing page, which can be further funneled down using the available wide set of filter fields to dive down to the specific work you are after.

Navigation Bar

Filter Artworks

Discovering Artworks through Curated Collections – You may browse through our collections to bring together a themed selection of artworks made by our inhouse curators for an easy selection of recommended artworks. Our curatorial team panitakingly reviews through every artwork in the platform and brings together a selection of artworks to meet different interest factors of the collectors coming to the platform.

Curated Collections

Mark Artworks favourite to view them together – In Art details page, users can Like, mark as Favourite and Share the artwork on multiple social media platforms.

Marking Favourites is a convenient way to shortlist artworks that you may consider buying. To add artworks to your Favourites and view and compare, user must login to the platform. After logging into the platform and adding a few artworks in Favourites click on the "Heart" icon on top right corner to view all artworks marked as Favourite.

Artwork Recommendations – RtistiQ platform suggests recommendations to the users based on the search of a user. There are a few sections where the platform will suggest related artwork.

1) On the Home page users can see Recommended Categories and Trending Categories to view the latest artwork. Some intelligence is built in the platform to recommend artworks for repeated user logins based on the previous search a user has done on the platform.

2) When a user clicks on an Artwork to view full details, users can scroll down the same page to view other artworks from the same artist and the platform also suggests "Similar Artworks" section to recommend artworks which are of similar category, style and medium.

Chat with Us or write to us, and we should be able to find you the right Artwork based on your interests and requirement. Our Art Curators would be more than happy to assist you with making the right choice aligned to your interest.

Updated on: 29/05/2021

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