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FAQ for Sellers

FAQs For Sellers

What do I need to do to start selling my artwork on RtistiQ?
We’re thrilled that you’d like to work with us! In order to get started, you will first need to create an artist account and then upload the latest images of your works along with your profile. Once your works are approved – you are all set!

What are the file requirements for artwork images?
Your image must be:
JPEG or PNG file
At least 1200 pixels x 1500 pixels
Less than 10MB
Good quality images without frames and properly cropped images. We will not accept images which are blur, with frames and unevenly cropped.

How do I price my artwork?
Pricing your originals appropriately is critical to selling your work. As an artist, you should always be prepared to explain how and why you have arrived at your prices. Therefore, it’s very important to adopt consistent, fact-based pricing principles and methods. While pricing the artwork please include the following
Material cost for the artwork
Your price and markup for the work
Commission charged by us
Packaging cost
Please do not include Shipping, Taxation and Insurance cost as these will be charged directly to the buyer on actuals.

Can artists outside of Singapore also register?
Yes, an artist from anywhere in the world can register.

What will you do to sell my artworks?
We believe in equal opportunity for all artists. Our curators and art advisors will provide their feedback on price and other aspects of the artwork. We also market your artwork online through the various marketing mediums available. Our objective is to ensure that the right art reaches the right set of art lovers worldwide.

What happens if the work is not sold?
We follow a balanced approach of maintaining freshness of the site, while also showcasing the full portfolio of the Artist. All artworks will continue to be displayed in the platform under your profile including all your sold artworks as well. While the showcased spaces in Home Page, Curated collections, recommendations to buyers it would be primarily displaying newer artworks. Given that our focus is to maintain an Art Registry for the Artists, all artworks will continue to be displayed in the platform

Is there any charge for using the platform?
Nothing. There are no additional charges to the Art creators. We believe in promoting the art created by you and bringing a smile on the face of the Art Lovers through the purchase they make.

How much do artists get paid?
We want our artists to be rewarded fairly. We let you set your own markup and only take a percentage of commission agreed with you on every sale. It's that simple.

How do I get paid?
You get paid via paypal or direct bank transfer (as chosen by you) within 20 days after the successful delivery of your artwork to the customer and completion of the return period of 14 days. We will keep you continuously informed on the progress as well as you are able view the progress under Order Processing.

Who deals with the customers?
We do, unless there are any specific queries from the customer that needs to be answered by you. We love them as much as we love you. Let’s give them some beautiful art.

Do I still own the copyright to my art?
Yes, you do. RtistiQ is all about creating title registration of every artwork that you create to ensure that it is marked to Original Artwork creator. Using technologies such as Blockchain and NFC, we ensure that not only every artwork is attributed to the original creator, but also track through the provenance of future purchases of your Artwork. This has been one of the biggest problems of the Art Market, with no centralized authority for Art Authentication and Ownership registration. Blockchain offers software driven, decentralized approach to this problem to create trust in Art dealers

Updated on: 09/01/2021

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