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Transfer Wallet to MetaMask

On RtistiQ by default every user is assigned a Torus Wallet when you register to the Platform, which in effect creates a blockchain account and holds your private keys to manage any transactions on RtistiQ. You can access more about Torus Wallet here in this link, and boasts being a one-click login for Web3.0 allowing to link to regular authentication mechanism such as email, or social logins.

While it makes easier to create and manage Blockchain Accounts through Torus Wallet through 3rd Party Authentication mechanism of regular email and social logins, but then it also means that the Wallet is as secure as the Authentication used to connect. If your 3rd-party Authentication (email, google or facebook login) is compromised then the hacker can gain access to your blockchain account and the assets through it. Please follow best practices by protecting your logins with 2FA (eg. Google 2FA)

It is a common misunderstanding on misconception that the Cryptocurrencies or NFTs are stored in the blockchain wallet. In the contrary a Wallet is a view to your public address on the blockchain, and stores your public key and your private key securely. You can use your private key to sign and approve transactions without having to remember or safe keep the long key phrase when a blockchain account is created.

To transfer your account from the custom Torus wallet to another wallet using the Private Key of the account. Below is the step-by-step process to access the private key of your account in RtistiQ and transfer the account to MetaMask. The other option is a JSON export which is not fully supported yet on RtistiQ but would be soon available for access and transfer

Getting Private Key of your Torus Account on RtistiQ
Login to your RtistiQ Account as normal
On the top right corner, click on your profile
On the left Menu listing please select "BLOCKCHAIN & OWNERSHIP"
You should be able to see your Torus Wallet Address listed
Click on the 3 dots and select "Account Details"
You can copy the private key to the clipboard by clicking on the alphanumeric key that comes up.

Adding the account to Metamask

If you do not already have a MetaMask wallet, then you can follow the step-by-step guide in the following link Create MetaMask Wallet

By default MetaMask would be connected to Ethereum Mainnet. You need to add Polygon Network to MetaMask before adding the Blockchain account from RtistiQ to MetaMask
Add Polygon Network

Click on the Menu on the top right corner of the Extension and select "Import Account"

Import Wallet

Add the Private Key copied from Torus account, and paste in the box for Private Key

Your Account is now imported into MetaMask and you can view all assets in the wallet
MetaMask shows your crypto and NFTs separately

You can now connect your Metamask wallet to other Marketplace (supporting direct wallet connect) to start trading the NFTs acquired through RtistiQ. The digital collections are already available on OpenSea and can be accessed using your wallet and specific account holding the NFTs.

To access the official RtistiQ OpenSea collection follow this link - RtistiQ Digital

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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