Registering as a Gallery

Prerequisites - To register on RtistiQ website you would need to provide your full name of the Gallery/Company as registered in your region.

Step 1 – From landing page click on the User Icon on top right corner. A popup window will appear with a link “**Register**”.

Step 2 – Click on “Register” link.
Select Continue with Google or Continue with Facebook and login with your Google or your Facebook account. (See section - Opening a profile with your Google or Facebook login)

Step 3 – Fill in the details as indicated in the Register screen, Read and agree to Terms of use and Privacy Policy of RtistiQ and verify that you are not a robot by answering the reCAPTCHA and click on “Signup” button.

An email notification will be sent your registered email id.

Step 4 – Verify your account setup by clicking on the link sent to your email id. This would bring you to RtistiQ website homepage. Enter your email id and password and click on Login.

Step 5 – A popup window will appear to select your Category of Interest, select one or many categories of artwork that would interest you and click Next.

Step 6 – Select your purpose to register on RtistiQ, whether you have registered to Buy Art, Sell Art or you are a General Art Enthusiast and click Finish button.

Step 7 – Choose either Artist or Gallery to sell your artwork through this platform, click Done.

Once the registration is complete, you will get a confirmation message that your settings has been stored on our platform and your id confirmation is pending with our Admin.

Wait for an email confirmation regarding Admin approval of the profile before you can update your Gallery profile page and start selling your artwork on RtistiQ. Upon confirmation from systems Admin, you will receive a confirmation email on successful creation of account. Login to the platform with your newly created id and setup your blockchain private key and update your mailing address.

Step 8 – Choose General Account Settings by hovering over to the top right corner where you can see a small human icon.

Preliminary setup needed before Uploading Artworks

Step 9 – Select "Blockchain Account" from left menu and click on "Add New Account" button.

Step 10 - This is an important step in your profile creation and upon completion of this step an unique private key will be generated that is a digital token for your user profile. It is highly recommended that you save the private key in a secured location, and maintain multiple copies. Without the key you will not be able to do transactions on our platform. Do not share your private key with anyone else. If you are not using your personal computer for registering on our platform, extra care has to be taken to not leave the private key open for others to view and do not download the private key as this will compromise your private key.

Once you click on Add New Account a new popup will appear. Enter a unique name in the text field as shown below and click Create Account button.

Step 11 - The system will generate an unique key, you may either copy the key on to clipboard and save it on your computer or you can click on "Download key store file" button to save the private key on your local drive. After securing private key, click on Close button.

The Blockchain Private Key needs to be safeguarded as your Bank Account Password, and should not be shared with anybody. Once lost you will never be able to recover the account and claim Artworks attached to the key. Please go through the link offering tips to safeguard your private key.
Safeguard your Private Key

Step 12 - Update your address book by clicking on "Address Book" from left menu and click on "Add New Address" button to update your address. This would normally be the location from which your artwork would be shipped to the clients.

Step 13 - Confirmation of your address book will be displayed in the next page and there is a checkbox on the right side of the screen with text "Default Pickup Address". Check the checkbox if the given address is also the location where Artwork would be picked up for shipping.
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