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How It Works

RtistiQ offers an easy, publicly verifiable, tamper proof option for Artists to Authenticate and digitize their Certificate of Authenticity as well as track provenance of their Artworks.

Every Artwork registered in the platform are either owner verified or validated by respected art world institutions, to ensure that only the most trusted information available is added to the block-chain.
RtistiQ registers verified data and related transactions on the block-chain, which are publicly verifiable and immutable to offer maximum security on the information shared. The blockchain data acts as a digitized form of the Certificate of Authenticity.
Artworks registered through RtistiQ offers the security of Authenticity verification and Provenance history, which otherwise require specialized verification due to lack of proper records.
Every Artwork is physically tagged with a non-intrusive, tamper-proof, secure NFC sticker, linking the physical artwork to the digital version. It acts as an additional layer of security to confirm originality of the Artwork.
The sticker can be scanned by any NFC enabled Mobile to confirm the details, and also opens up the Artwork details if the RtistiQ APP is installed in the mobile.

Updated on: 23/11/2020

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