It is a good idea for a gallery to keep their profile up to date and also provide a brief description of the vision or mission of the Gallery. Gallery profile has a few more fields which can be used to provide additional information like a brief overview, and add Gallery logo and profile picture. Galleries can also use this page to include their social media handle for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn profiles.

This kind of information can increase your chances of selling your artwork and it can also provide an opportunity for users on our platform to follow you on other social media sites. You can update these setting in My Profile section. Below are the steps to update your profile.

Complete Gallery Profile
Reading and understanding more about your gallery is sometimes very important to art collectors who are considering buying artwork from your gallery, knowing the kind of artists and artwork you represent could help art buyers in making decisions on art purchase.

Generally speaking, your profile should include information, such as: Gallery brief information, motto, any specialized genre, category or artists you represent, exhibitions where your artwork has been showcased, prizes and awards you've won. If your gallery provides other services like Art restoration, Art consultancy, Curator consultancy such additional services could be mentioned in your profile page.

It is recommended for a gallery profile to have one or many items listed below :

Brief information about the gallery and the owner or executives who run the gallery.
Any genre that your gallery represents and if there are any specialized categories that your gallery is well known.
Exhibitions where your gallery was represented or any awards your gallery has won.
It would be a good idea to also mention any association with government bodies and art and cultural events where your gallery has represented.
If there are any additional services that your Gallery offers to clients

To update your profile, login to RtistiQ website and on top right corner there a person icon, click on that and select Profile.

Fill in the top section

Select the image icon on the bottom right corner of the banner and choose a banner. Click on Profile picture icon on bottom left and you may select your gallery logo. Choose one or many of Styles of Creation that your gallery represents.

Step 1 – From the top portion select on the photo icon(camera icon) on the right corner, click on "Select File" button and browse to select your Gallery banner.

Step 2 – From the top portion select on the photo icon(camera icon) on the left corner, and select logo for your gallery.

Step 3 – Select on ‘+’ sign on “Social media links” and update your handle for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Update Gallery Brief Information

This section can be used to provide a brief information about your gallery and describe the body of work your represent. Your brief information should be no longer than 1000 words which should be sufficient to provide some information about yourself and your body of work.

In your brief information you may consider providing information about some of the question as below :

What is the genre, medium and subject matter that your gallery specializes in?
Where and how do you find new and upcoming artists?
Do you provide any other services?

Update Your Overview

This section can be used to provide any additional information about your gallery. This is also a good section to provide information about the awards you have won, the exhibitions where your artwork is showcased etc.

Creating Blockchain account for the Gallery

Before adding Artist and Artworks for a Gallery it is important to create Blockchain account and update billing address, mailing address. Please refer to the article Registering as a Gallery for the steps involved.
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