Presenting Artists and Artworks commissioned to the Gallery

Step 1 – Login as a Gallery user, go to My Profile and look for Click on Artists tab to add or bulk import Artists that your Gallery is representing.

Click on "+Add Artists" button to add Artists into RtistiQ platform. A popup appears with a prompt to either bulk upload multiple artists using a csv file or one can add Artists individually by clicking "Create New Artist" button.

Enter Artist Name, email address, phone number and Country of address to add a new artist. An email notification will be sent to Artist's email id for registration.

Note that when a gallery adds Artist to the platform an email notification will be sent to the Artist to complete their profile creation on the platform and create the Artist's Blockchain account. These steps are necessary to authenticate and digitally tag the Artwork to Artists. This will help in capturing the provenance of the artwork.

Until the Artist approves this association, it would be in Pending Status in the Gallery profile page as shown in screen-shot below.

Once the Artist has confirmed their association, the status will change to "Approved".

Add Artwork – Login as Artist and browse to "My Profile" page. Scroll down to Artworks section and to add your artwork click on "+Add New" button in Artworks section.

A popup screen appears prompting either to add "New Product" i.e. add individual artwork or Bulk import multiple artworks using a .csv file. To add individual artwork select "Add Product" button.

Enter the basic attributes of your artwork like Artwork name, Category, One line description, and a detailed description of the artwork. Also use the Tagging field to tag your artwork with keywords as this will help potential buyers to easily find your artwork. Tagging keywords along with Machine Learning will try to predict user's preferences and the system will push this to the users as recommended artworks thus increasing the possibility of converting it to sales. Please indicate if your artwork is a Limited edition.

Continue with filling up the rest of the fields like the Medium, Materials Used, Year of creation, Weight and Dimensions of the artwork. Note that Weight is in Kilograms and Dimensions are in inches. Take extra care to specify these attributes. Click on "Save And Proceed" button to fill in the pricing attributes for your artwork.

It is preferable to quote your artwork in USD and if you prefer to Hide the price from users so that you can negotiate with the potential buyer, click on "Hide Price" checkbox. Click on "Save And Proceed" button to upload images of your artwork.

Use Display Image button, Add Image button and Add Room View Image section to upload a digital copy of your artwork. It is important to have professional quality photographs of your artwork with good lighting so that your digital artwork is represented as accurate as possible to the actual artwork. Click on "Save and Proceed" button.

Browse to Features section and enter the details like Style, Technique, Packaging type, Size of the artwork and Orientation of your artwork. If your artwork is represented in Multiple Frames, check the checkbox for Multi Panel. Click on "Save and Proceed"

The final step in adding an artwork is to tag your artwork to your blockchain account. Select your blockchain account name from the dropdown and upload the blockchain private key file that you may have downloaded during Artist registration or manually key in the long encrypted blockchain private key and click on "Add Artwork" button.

Upon successful registration as an Artist on the RtistiQ platform, you would have received NFC tags that would have to be attached to the back of your artwork. Stick the NFC tag on the back of the artwork that you have registered and follow these steps to complete the RFID tagging.
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